Mercy Ships Cargo Day is officially closed

You have helped us to make a lasting impact in Africa.

After a successful premiere, we are happy to announce that our second annual Mercy Ships Cargo Day is closed. We cannot register new cargoes.

So far 24 charterers, 20 shipowners, 23 Shipbrokers, 7 port agents and 9 service companies / associations have participated in Cargo Day 2017. Up to now, 92 cargoes were given to brokers and port agents while 9 address commissions were given by charterers and shipowners. Thanks to your support, $ 655,012 has been raised so far.

Your participation is changing the lives of those in need!

The global shipping and trading community joins together to raise support for Mercy Ships, an NGO operating the world’s largest private hospital ship, serving in the poorest countries in the world.

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Edition 2017 is closed

Your gift goes further

Alongside financial donations given towards our Mercy Ships programmes which provide surgeries and world-class medical care in Africa, twice as much is received through the combination of generous gift-in-kind from corporate sponsors and services provided by our volunteer crew who pay for the privilege of serving onboard. This model also helps us to provide hope and healing at no charge to our patients and their families.


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