What is Cargo Day?

The shipping and trading community band together to raise funds for Mercy Ships, a charity which manages the largest civilian hospital ship in the world.

Access to quality healthcare in Africa is still very complicated, especially in the more rural or remote areas of the continent. Many people are still dying due to lack of access to medical care or put aside in society due to illnesses or handicaps that are easily treatable in our modern developed countries. Since 1978, Mercy Ships has provided services and materials in developing nations valued at over $1 billion and impacting more than 2.5 million direct beneficiaries, through 587 port visits.

Thanks to the combined action of the shipping and trading communities through the Cargo Day, Mercy Ships can continue to help the lives of millions of people in need through its hospital ship.


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How can I get involved?

The butterfly effect

The shipping & trading community wishes to raise support for Mercy Ships, an NGO with a mission to increase access to healthcare worldwide through the deployment of the world’s largest civilian hospital ship.

For the second time, all the actors involved in the shipping & commodity trading industry were able to collaborate on a dedicated event aiming to improve the lives of millions of people.

On the 3rd October 2018, participants are able to pledge cargoes, make donations, or share their commission in favour of Mercy Ships. This day is known as Mercy Ships Cargo Day.


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Why should I participate?

Whether you are a charterer, a shipbroker, a port agent or an inspection company, you can all participate in this unprecedented event.

Mercy Ships has the potential, within this generation, to help transform the healthcare story in Africa. Thanks to people like you, we have been able to help the next patient in line to receive life-changing surgery.. . With a training platform, observation facilities and classrooms onboard, we can build for the future by providing vital training and mentoring of medical professionals, while we work to upgrade the local healthcare facilities. Together we can make a difference in the lives of thousands and change the surgical landscape of whole countries, not only in the immediate future, but for decades to come.


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How does it work?

On the 3rd October, a charterer will pledge a cargo (called “Mercy Cargo“) to a participating shipbroker, a port agent and an inspection Company.

The charterer does not need to give a cargo on the specific Cargo Day but he can commit to give a cargo in the following days or weeks to participation with shipbrokers, port agents and inspection companies.

The pledge will be reported on the Cargo Day website as “Charterer name gives 1 Mercy Cargo to: shipbroker name, port agent’s name, inspection company name.”

The participating shipbroker, port agent and inspection company will give 50% of the commission earned on Mercy Cargoes to Mercy Ships.


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