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Record-breaking success for Mercy Ships Cargo Day 2023!
Your participation is changing lives across Africa.
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In 8 years, +200 shipping and trading companies have raised 9.2 million so far!

In 2010, 32.9% of global deaths resulted from conditions requiring unavailable surgery.

How Mercy Ships is helping impact lives

life-changing or life-saving surgical procedures performed on our hospital ship since 1978.
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Volunteers onboard From 60 nations working every year
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Professionals trained in their area of expertise
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The Cargo Day online fundraising event raised money for Mercy Ships, a NGO that uses hospital ships to provide essential medical support, changing the lives of those who would not otherwise be able to afford it. Since 1990, Mercy Ships has conducted 43 field services* in 14 African countries with the 16,572-ton Africa Mercy (with five operating rooms and 80 patient beds) and with the 37,000-ton Global Mercy (with 6 operating rooms and 199 patient beds).

This generous gifting contributes in providing free surgical and medical care to some of the most vulnerable people in sub-Saharan Africa. Charterers, shipbrokers, owners and more donate part of their commissions and give pledge amounts to have a bigger impact in Africa.

*For a typical field service, the ships stay in the same port for about 10 months.

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Your gift today multiplies in impact-thanks to our dedicated medical volunteers who donate their time and pay their own way-and because we have received donations from generous corporate partners. Every gift you give increases in impact, which means more lives healed, more lives restored, more lives saved.





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“Five billion people in the world live without access to safe, timely, affordable surgery. Our family is proud to be part of an organisation working to change the global surgery crisis by transforming lives and extending dignity to thousands of people in great need.”

Participants Cargo Day 2024

Mercy Ships an NGO operating the world’s largest civilian hospital ships

Mercy Ships exists to offer Hope and Healing to the world’s most vulnerable populations. We respond to the ongoing and urgent lack of medical and surgical access and care in the most vulnerable populations in Africa. The Mercy Ship brings help, health services, training and development from our floating hospital.


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