Mission Accomplished
Record-breaking success for Mercy Ships Cargo Day 2023!
Your participation is changing lives across Africa.
Thank you for your amazing support.
Key figures behind the building of the world’s largest civilian hospital ship headline at global maritime industry digital conference A new chapter is about to be written  for Mercy Ships with its first purpose-built hospital vessel nearing completion. Don’t miss the opportunity to listen to the story of how this unique project  came to life by
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SAVE THE DATE: February 2 3PM GMT+1 @ SMM Digital –  hear how the Mercy Ships dream will soon become a reality
 Douala Senior figures from leading brokerages, traders and shipowning companies witnessed first-hand work being carried out by hospital ship charity Mercy Ships. An aptly named Vision Trip saw the operator of the world’s largest civilian hospital vessel spend three days showing their guests from Switzerland, Norway, Sweden and the UK how thousands of people in
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Top shipping names
Shipping and trading industry support of Mercy Ships’ Cargo Day has reached $651,400 — double the figure of a year earlier. The fundraising venture was backed by 83 companies — 24 charterers, 20 shipowners, 23 shipbrokers, seven port agents, and nine service outfits and associations. “Who thought we could have achieved this,” said Tim Webb,
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Cargo Day nets more than $650,000 for Mercy Ships
Nat Geo has produced an amazing documentary series on Mercy Ships called “The Surgery Ship”. More than 70% of the world’s population cannot access essential surgery. For many, the hospital ship Africa Mercy is their last hope. On board, a crew of world -class medical volunteers from across the globe face the biggest challenges of
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National Geographic
Press Release, 14th of october Geneva, 11th October 2016 – Mercy Ships is organizing, for the first time, a gift day called “Mercy Ships Cargo Day” on 19th October. The shipping and maritime trading community is invited to raise funds for this NGO which offers treatment on board the largest civilian hospital ship in the
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Cargo Day, a day of donations from the shipping and maritime trading community in favor of Mercy Ships
Article by Geoff Garfields, Tradewinds, 14 of october 2016 Shipowners have less than a week to join charterers, brokers and others in the industry supporting one of the most worthwhile fundraising events of the year — Mercy Ships’ Cargo Day. The 19 October event hopes to raise many thousands of dollars for the charity, which
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Call to action for shipowner support of Cargo Day event

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