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Record-breaking success for Mercy Ships Cargo Day 2023!
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Mercy Ships at Posidonia 2022

Posidonia Exhibitions SA have recently announced the tie-up with Mercy Ships, having Cargo Day represented at Posidonia 2022!

Posidonia, the international shipping exhibition, has long been established as one of the major calendar events of the shipping industry, attracting the most influential international shipping community and major companies and organisations active in all sectors of the shipping industry. The international exhibition Posidonia first took place in 1969 and has been taking place every two years ever since.

Mercy Ships presence at Posidonia!

Each and every event visitor is given a welcome package, which now includes a Mercy Ships Cargo Day 2022 flyer about our international shipping and trading community’s November 9 fundraising event.

The flyer has the «SAVE THE DATE » hot spot, QR code to the website event information page and an invitation to join our shipping and trading community in fundraising to save lives today.

For more than 40 years, Mercy Ships has provided free medical care on the world’s largest hospital ships. This care can only be provided through the commitment of our volunteers and the donations we receive. Without them, we simply could not change lives.

This is why we are so excited to share this opportunity with you!


Your presence making an impact at Posidonia 2022!

This distribution of our Cargo Day 2022 calling card flyer to Posidonia attendees is a fantastic opportunity! This is a great introduction to those unaware of this fantastic support community and the tremendous calling that Mercy Ships answers.

At Posidonia 2022, you who support Mercy Ships’ mission will be able to participate easily and invite others via this flyer; a direct means of making an immediate “on the spot” impact using the package flyer’s contact information, QR code/link to being informed and how to join this community in saving lives.


Why donate to Mercy Ships?

Mariama was born with a facial cleft

It is often crises that mobilize donors, such as the COVID-19 crisis or the war in Ukraine. But it is not necessary to wait for a tragedy or a particular circumstance to act. Every day, people in Africa suffer from lack of access to basic health care. Children are the most affected. Like Aliou, a victim of severe burns at the age of 3 or Mariama, born with a facial cleft.

Today, you can contribute to this surge of generosity. Making a donation is a simple but vital gesture helping the people of Africa who are most in need. But, we need your help to spread the word in Posidonia 2022!

Help spread the word to others at the event!

We invite you to take hold of the Cargo Day 2022 flyer given in the Posidonia welcome package, keep it at the ready to introduce others to this community, it’s mission to save lives and how to join our growing shipping and trading supporters. Contact us today.


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