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Mercy Ships’ Inaugural Cargo Day in Rotterdam Draws Strong Industry Support

Many participants within the Dutch maritime industry were present to hear more about Cargo Day and Mercy Ships.

Last week, the 20th of April, Rotterdam Cargo Day Committee hosted the inaugural Mercy Ship Cargo Day event at Stadshaven Brouwerij, where 40 participants within the Dutch maritime industry were present to hear more about Cargo Day and Mercy Ships.

The event’s Host: Rotterdam Cargo Day Committee

The Rotterdam Cargo Day Committee who sponsored the event, represented by Judit Tóth – Managing Director at Riverlake Barging, Claudia Beumer – Global Account Manager VT Group, IBIA Board of Directors, Lykke Saulnier Kristiansen – Freight Trader hos Braskem Netherlands B.V. and Henk Mooij – General Manager bij Vertom Tanker Chartering B.V., welcomed all the participants to this first event.

Geneva Cargo Day Committee

The Geneva Cargo Day committee, represented by Alessandro Gelli – Tanker Projects Broker, BRS and Marc Lecoanet – Riverlake’s CEO, shared their experience of the creation of Cargo Day in 2016 in Geneva and the growth of Cargo Day around the world. There are 6 Cargo Day committees around the world with 5 Tankers committees (Singapore, US, London, Geneva, Rotterdam) and 1 Dry Bulk committee (Geneva).

Mercy Ships Global and Mercy Ships Netherlands

Mercy Ships, represented by Bryce Wagner – Executive Director, Mercy Ships Global, Corinne Kemp – Communication & Project Manager Mercy Ships Cargo Day and Corjan Rink – Manager/Management Mercy Ships Netherlands, explained that more than 200 shipping and trading companies participated over the 7 years Cargo Day. The amounts over the years, as well as the 2022 record breaker of USD 2 million raised by the shipping community, helps save lives in Africa.

The 37,000-ton Global Mercy (with 6 operating rooms and 199 patient beds) is currently in Senegal saving lives and that the 16,572-ton Africa Mercy (with five operating rooms and 80 patient beds) is in South Africa for maintenance.

The scope of Mercy Ships has increased and, today, not all of Mercy Ships’ activities in Africa are dependent on a hospital ship mooring nearby. Over recent years, Mercy Ships has developed a strategy based on “Country Engagement Plans” that enable them to be active in more than one place.

Having the shipping and trading community gathered for Mercy Ships’ first-ever Rotterdam Cargo Day event was a great success and demonstrates the power of collaboration and impact! The success of this first event has prompted organizers to schedule another in October, 2023.

Mercy Ships and the Rotterdam Cargo Day Committee need more industry players to join us in making a difference.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of something truly special. Stay tuned for details on upcoming Cargo Day events and get involved today.



“It was truly impressive to already see the commitment of the shipping industry to support the vital work of Mercy Ships. I can confidently say that it was a truly an inspiring experience to see the enthusiasm and dedication of the audience and I look forward to increase the support together with the committee to make Cargo Day an even greater success helping Mercy Ships in their important work”. Mitchell van der Hoeven – Riverlake


“The Rotterdam committee, with the enthusiastic backing of the local industry, is launching a remarkable initiative that is in sync with the efforts of other committees. This initiative promises to provide much-needed relief to those who are in a state of desperation”. Marc Lecoanet – CEO Riverlake 


“Mercy Ships Cargo Day continues to grow. It was indeed amazing to see the local Trading and Shipping community gathered for the first time for Mercy Ships and Cargo Day and so motivated to help”. Alessandro Gelli – Tanker Projects Broker, BRS


“A great maritime event bringing humanity and shipping even closer!”. Henk Mooij – General Manager bij Vertom Tanker Chartering B.V.

“It was great seeing so many shipping industry players come together for one common purpose with the intent of helping where we can”. Lykke Saulnier Kristiansen – Freight Trader hos Braskem Netherlands B.V. 

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Upcoming events

Cargo Day Gala September 5, 2023

Rotterdam Cargo Day event in October.


For more Information about Rotterdam Cargo Day Committee:

Henk Mooij – General Manager bij Vertom Tanker Chartering B.V.

[email protected]


For more Information about Mercy Ships Cargo Day:

Corinne Kemp – Communication Manager, Mercy Ships Cargo Day

[email protected]



For more Information about Mercy Ships Netherlands:

Corjan Rink – Manager/Management

[email protected]



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