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Geneva Cargo Day Gala

September 5, 2023

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7 Million in 7 years raised by the Shipping community. The Gala, originally created to commemorate the results of the annual online Cargo Day fundraising event, has many reasons to celebrate that Mercy Ships Cargo Day’s 7th Edition was a success! You have helped us to make a lasting impact in Africa.

Geneva Cargo Day Gala 2023 was held for the first time at the Bâtiment des Forces Motrices in Geneva.

Tim webb, Chairman of the Geneva Cargo Day Committee, started the evening off with host Bryce Wagner of Mercy Ships.


Mercy Ships videos were projected to show the impact the raised funds have on saving lives in Africa, giving hope and healing.

The evening launch of Geneva Cargo Day Gala 2023 with a proposal

Tim Webb, BRS head of tankers, concluded his seven-year lead of the Mercy Ships Cargo Day committee in Geneva with a surprise, bended knee, proposal to his long-term partner in front of 410 attendees at a Cargo Day Gala.

“Webb, who retires next year after 40 years in the shipping industry, went down on one knee to propose to his partner of 15 years, Coco Conte, on an emotional night that celebrated the $7m raised by the shipping community over the last seven years for the Mercy Ships charity.

Conte, who said she had no idea the proposal was coming, said yes.”

Tim, launched Cargo Day in 2016 in support of Mercy Ships. Charterers, owners and traders give part of their commissions and/or donations to the charity, which operates two medical ships in Africa. Since, new committees have joined the original Geneva team in London, Singapore, Dubai, Houston and Rotterdam to expand Cargo Day internationally.

As Tim changes his role by taking the position of President of Cargo Day Global, David Walker, Sahara Group head of chartering, now takes the position as head of the Geneva Cargo Day committee.

The main course was the trophy celebration!

In recognition of the highest amount of both funds and number of Mercy Cargoes raised by category, the Cargo Day committee members celebrated and presented the awards to the following trophy winners.

Charterer trophy 2022 

Winner : ST Shipping – Alex MacWillson

Cargo trophy 2022

Winner : Total Energies – Raphael De Guillebon

Broker trophy 2022

Winner : Clarksons – Neo Tsangarides

Owner trophy 2022 – Tanker

Winner : Scorpio – Lars Dencker

Owner trophy 2022 – Dry

Winner : Swiss Atlantique – Thomas Beney

Committee trophy 2022 

Winner : Braemar – David Collins

View the Cargo Day results 2022 details

Geneva Cargo Day Gala 2023 Auction

Mercy Ships Cargo Day Gala 2023 Auction with special participation from Sadio Mané raised $272,000.

Sadio Mané, the Senegalese professional footballer, is widely regarded as one of the greatest African players of all time. Holder of numerous awards for his career, Sadio Mané is also recognised for his various philanthropic engagements.

Early life

“When I was young my dad was always saying how proud he was of me… he was a man with a big heart. When he died, it had a big impact on me and the rest of my family. I said to myself: ‘Now I have to do my best to help my mother.’ That’s a hard thing to deal with when you are so young.” — Mané on the impact his father’s death had on him.

“Mané was born in Bambali, Sédhiou, Senegal. He wished for a career in football, but his father (who was an imam) forbade him from playing the sport as a child; however, his father died when he was seven years old.”
The circumstances surrounding his father’s death are a major reason for his philanthropy in Sédhiou province, “I remember my sister was also born at home because there is no hospital in our village. It was a really, really sad situation for everyone. I wanted to build one to give people hope.”
To go with the school he built, Sadio donated $693,000 to fund a hospital in his home town of Bambali, 400 kilometers from the capital city Dakar. The hospital includes departments for maternity care, dental facilities and consulting rooms.
This year’s Cargo Day, we were privileged to receive and present a special message in support of Mercy Ships from Sadio Mané.

Geneva Cargo Day Gala 2023 award winner Gilles Rolland Nyala

7 auction winners

For the second year, we will have an auction organised in favor of Mercy Ships and run by Benoit Repellin, Phillipsʼ Worldwide Head of Jewelry with 5 different Ship models and 2 items signed by Sadio Mané. These items have been generously donated by Dynacom, Maran, Hafnia, Tankers International, Oryx Energies and Mercy Ships.

Geneva Cargo Day gala 2023 auction prizes

Soccer ball signed by Sadio Mane – offered by Oryx

Buyer: United Product Tankers – Matthias A. Schoeller

FC Bayern Jersey signed by Sadio Mane – offered by Oryx Energies

Buyer: Goldenport – John Dragnis

MV ANANGEL GALINI, PANAMAX – offered by Maran Dry Management

Buyer: Arrow Shipping – M. Herdequin

MT SIKINOS I, SUEZMAX – offered by Dynacom

Buyer: Trafigura  –  Craig Smallbone

MT PICARDIE – offered by Tankers International

Buyer: Ifchor Galbraiths – Bjorn Andersen

MT HAFNIA LANGUEDOC, LR2 – offered by Hafnia

Buyer: Nyala Shipping – Gilles Rolland 

MV GLOBAL MERCY – offered by Mercy Ships

Buyer: Scorpio – Lars Dencker

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