Mercy Ships Cargo Day raised a magnificent $3 million in four years

The global shipping and trading community has really joined together in supporting Mercy Ships, an NGO operating the world’s largest civilian hospital ships serving some of the poorest countries in the world. Your generosity is changing the lives of those in need, participate now!

Cargo Day 2020 is scheduled for November 4. We look forward to working together once again.

Our latest news: Why Mercy Ships needs shipping to ‘double down’ on donations, Cargo Day aims to keep up and widen good work raising funds for Mercy Ships, Biggest civilian hospital ship newbuilding moves closer to delivery, New Global Mercy will double hospital ship charity’s impact in Africa, Mercy Ships Announces the Global Mercy, Global Mercy, a second hospital Ship, Mercy Ships Cargo Day 2020 is preparing for lift-off

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Your gift multiplies in impact

Your gift today multiplies in impact—thanks to our dedicated medical volunteers who donate their time and pay their own way—and because we have received donations from generous corporate partners. Every gift you give increases in impact, which means more lives healed, more lives restored, more lives saved.

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