Mercy Ships Cargo Day 2019
was on the 6th of November

You have helped us to make a lasting impact in Africa.

27 Charterers, 21 Shipowners, 28 Shipbrokers, 3 Port Agents and 4 Service Companies / Associations have participated in Cargo Day 2019.

In total, 135 cargoes were given by brokers and by charterers, 20 address commissions were given by charterers and shipowners while 34 pledges were offered. Thanks to your support, more than $1.3 million has been raised.

Your participation is changing the lives of those in need!

The global shipping and trading community joins together to raise support for Mercy Ships, an NGO operating the world’s largest civilian hospital ship, serving in the poorest countries in the world.

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Your gift multiplies in impact

Your gift today multiplies in impact—thanks to our dedicated medical volunteers who donate their time and pay their own way—and because we have received donations from generous corporate partners. Every gift you give increases in impact, which means more lives healed, more lives restored, more lives saved.

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