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Mercy Ships Interview with Rupert Lawson on Cargo Day and why the shipping industry can help save lives

Rupert Lawson, former SSY Head of tankers
London, England, United Kingdom

Rupert made himself available for an interview with Mercy Ships and he shares some wonderful insight and perspective for the Cargo Day event and how to participate.

Getting involved with Mercy Ships

“SSY had a vague affiliation with Mercy Ships over the years but, more recently, got invited to the London Cargo Day committee, which has been a great initiative, following on from the Geneva committee.”

The London Cargo Day committee was created last year 2021 and contributed 30% of all incoming fundraising Cargo Day 2022 results!

“It is evident that the shipping community have something to offer. This is why SSY want to help Mercy Ships with all the wonderful work it does through the initiatives in the countries that have a close affiliation, particularly with our tanker industry, by saving lives, helping the countless volunteers and making people aware of the initiatives they are coming up with and the countless lives that they are saving.”

“And this is why last year, not only were SSY delighted to enhance their participation in Mercy Ships and all its initiatives, they were very proud to be the first broker involved in the first LNG deal under a Mercy Ships initiative. This was supported by a wonderful customer – ST Shipping. This was the first time that the LNG sector got involved with Mercy Ships, so to be a part of that was great and SSY hope they can introduce Mercy Ships to many other shipping sectors”.

Cargo Day – How it works

“In order to get involved with Mercy Ships, one should read up on all the wonderful work that it does, but it has a particular affiliation to the shipping business, given the nature of the work that they do and the two ships they presently have.” “Cargo Day is a wonderful initiative brought together by the Shipping community, that being, the Ship brokers, Charterers and the owners. Whilst it has a specific day, it runs over a period of time, whereby the brokers, the charterers and the owners all pledge commissions through either the brokerage commissions or address commissions to this wonderful cause to help those in need.”

Make an impact this year

“As we seek to try to make as much impact as possible and save as many lives as possible, please let’s try and to support Mercy Ships and the Global Mercy in Sierra Leone this year.” – Rupert Lawson

About SSY

SSY – Maritime Transportation, the largest privately-owned shipping company in the world established in 1880, operates from 24 offices across the globe. Employing over 420 people and covers all the major shipping and commodity locations, SSY provides a “round the clock” service to their clients.
SSY has teams of experts focusing on dry cargo chartering, tanker chartering, and ship sale and purchase. In addition, they have specialist teams in the chemical, gas, agency and towage sectors, a highly respected research department, and as one of the founding developers of the Forward Freight Agreement market, their specialist in-house derivatives brokerage – SSY Futures Ltd, covers not only freight but also iron ore, coking coal, steels, alumina and the new market for base metal delivery premiums.

About Mercy Ships Cargo Day

Mercy Ships Cargo Day, an annual online fundraising event established by the worldwide shipping and trading community in 2016, has raised almost 7 million in 7 years.

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8 November, 2023


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Poverty rate
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Who we are as a non-profit organisation

Founded in 1978, Mercy Ships is a global faith-based charity that uses hospital ships and volunteer professionals to deliver free specialized surgical care and medical training to build the local healthcare systems with our host nations, focusing in Africa.

Africa Mecy
Global Mercy

Why a ship?

Because 50% of the world’s population lives near a coast, our floating hospitals are the best way to reach and treat people in need.

How big is the Africa Mercy?

Africa Mercy is the world’s largest civilian hospital ship, constructed as the first purpose-built floating hospital for humanitarian organization Mercy Ships. We have 5 operating theaters and 99 beds. We can host up to 650 crew and guests.

How big is the Global Mercy?

Global Mercy is the world’s largest civilian hospital ship, constructed as the first purpose-built floating hospital for humanitarian organization Mercy Ships. We have 6 operating theaters and 199 beds. We can host up to 950 crew and guests.

More about Mercy Ships

Mercy Ships operates hospital ships that deliver free surgeries and other healthcare services to those with little access to safe medical care. An international faith-based organization, Mercy Ships has focused entirely on partnering with African nations for the past three decades. Working with in-country partners, Mercy Ships also provides training to local healthcare professionals and supports the construction of in-country medical infrastructure to leave a lasting impact.
Each year, more than 3,000 volunteer professionals from over 60 countries serve on board the world’s two largest non-governmental hospital ships, the Africa Mercy® and the Global Mercy™. Professionals such as surgeons, dentists, nurses, health trainers, cooks, and engineers dedicate their time and skills to accelerate access to safe surgical, obstetric and anesthetic care. Mercy Ships was founded in 1978 and has offices in 16 countries as well as an Africa Service Center in Dakar, Senegal. For more information, visit mercyships.org.

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