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Mercy Ships’ Rotterdam Cargo Day Event Draws Much Support from Shipping Community

Photograph: Hans Wijker

48 participants within the Dutch maritime industry were present to hear more on Cargo Day and about Mercy Ships.

On October 10th of last week, Mercy Ships Rotterdam Cargo Day Committee hosted another successful event in the Netherlands.

We sincerely thank those who attended the Rotterdam Cargo Day’s shipping network event in collaboration with Mercy Ships at 21Pinchos in Rotterdam last Tuesday.

It was a successful get-together for those who are active in the shipping industry, with twice as many people attending than at Rotterdam Cargo Day’s inaugural meeting in April. Members of the shipping community present, were Deep Sea and Coastal Owners, tank barge Owners, Charterers, Brokers, Agents and other service providers linked to the maritime sector.

Together we can bring awareness of Cargo Day to an even higher level by spreading the word and attending the next Rotterdam Cargo Day’s shipping community event planned for April ’24. Invitations and reminders will be sent out as we approach the date.

The event’s Host: Rotterdam Cargo Day Committee

The Rotterdam Cargo Day Committee who sponsored the event, represented by Mitchell van der Hoeven – Shipbroker at Riverlake Rotterdam, Claudia Beumer – Global Account Manager VT Group, IBIA Board of Directors, Lykke Saulnier Kristiansen – Freight Trader hos Braskem Netherlands B.V. and Henk Mooij – Managing Director Riverlake Rotterdam, welcomed all the participants to this second event.

Mercy Ships Cargo Day 2023 will kick off on November 8th ’23, where Charterers, Owners and Brokers pledge commissions through either the brokerage commissions or address commissions during that day and the rest of November in order to contribute to Mercy Ships. Alternatively, if unable to pledge commissions, donations are very much welcomed as well. In that way, everyone involved in the shipping community can be a part of Cargo Day and contribute to the valuable work Mercy Ships is doing in saving lives.

The shipping and trading community support and raise funds for Mercy Ships, an organization which operates the world’s largest civilian hospital ships.

Access to quality healthcare in Africa is still very complicated, especially in the more rural or remote areas of the continent. Many people are still dying due to lack of access to medical care or put aside in society due to illnesses or handicaps that are easily treatable in our modern developed countries.

Since 1978, Mercy Ships has provided services and materials in developing nations valued at over $1 billion and impacting more than 2.5 million direct beneficiaries, through 587 port visits.

For more Information about Rotterdam Cargo Day Committee:

Henk Mooij – Managing Director Riverlake Rotterdam

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For more Information about Mercy Ships Netherlands:

Corjan Rink – Manager/Management, Mercy Ships Netherlands

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For more Information about Mercy Ships Cargo Day:

Corinne Kemp – Project Manager, Mercy Ships Cargo Day

[email protected]

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