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Mercy Ships exists to offer Hope and Healing to the world’s forgotten poor.

We respond to the ongoing and urgent lack of medical and surgical access and care in the poorest countries in Africa. The Mercy Ship brings help, health services, training and development from our floating hospital.

About Mercy Ships

Mercy Ships is a compassionate response to a world in need, bringing first world medical services to those with little access.

Through the deployment of the world’s largest, civilian hospital ship, the Africa Mercy, Mercy Ships works with host nations to help fill the gaps in healthcare systems, while serving the dire and immediate needs of their population.

Mercy Ships provides a variety of training opportunities for medical professionals, along with curative surgical interventions.


Video presentation of Don Stephens, Founder of Mercy Ships

New Mercy Ships vessel

Mercy Ships, with the help of BRS and many other partners, has begun work on a purpose- built ship. This new ship will expand the ability of Mercy Ships to deliver medical care, while significantly increasing capacity-building and training potential.

It will be capable of serving anywhere in the world and will initially expand Mercy Ships activity on the African continent.

Story of Djazim

When five-year-old Djazim flashed his contagious grin, the last thing you’d notice were his legs. But, beneath his joy, he was often in pain because of his windswept legs, which developed when he was four. Watch as this little boy overcomes heartbreaking obstacles to flourish!