Mercy Ships Cargo Day 2018 has so far raised well over $700,000 for the hospital ship charity — beating last year’s total.

The figure could rise further, providing vital funds for the many thousands of surgical and other procedures carried out by the staff of the 16,572-gt Africa Mercy (built 1980), currently on field service in Guinea, West Africa.

At the last count, a new record of $717,642 had been raised, exceeding the $672,000 in 2017.

So far, 77 companies have participated — 23 charterers, 17 shipowners, 27 shipbrokers, three port agents, three consulting/services companies and four others. About 100 cargoes were given for fixing, seven address commissions donated along with 24 pledges of cash.

Don and Deyon Stephens founded Mercy Ships 40 years ago and since then it has worked in more than 70 countries and provided services valued at more than $1bn.
About 2.5 million people have benefited directly from its free medical care, the charity claims.

The 450 surgeons, nurses, catering, administration and other workers onboard the converted Danish ferry work as volunteers who pay for their accommodation.

About 75 cents in every dollar is said to go straight to funding the ship and the field services, with 25 cents for overheads and expenses.

Cargo Day remains open until all cargoes are fixed, generating further broker commissions and, hopefully, with other donations pledged.

Visit Mercy Ships to help.


October 26th, 2018 by Geoff Garfield

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