Mission Accomplished
Record-breaking success for Mercy Ships Cargo Day 2023!
Your participation is changing lives across Africa.
Thank you for your amazing support.
Mercy Ships marked more than 30 years of service in Africa with a week full of celebrations in Senegal.
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The ship surgeons rebuilding lives in Africa
Amina and her children Elodie, Marie and Jacques In 2001, the crew of our first hospital ship operated the young Amina of cataract, giving her back her sight and at the same time a whole new perspective on the future. But who would have thought that in 2017 our paths would cross again and we
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Generational Hope
Link to the french version Benin (2016-2017): an increasing number of participants in our Medical Capacity Building training program. Mercy Ships has already visited Benin 5 times. Benin ranks 166 out of 187 countries according to the United Nations Humanitarian Development index.   Zoom on Benin Life expectancy is 61 years. High fertility rate with
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Results of our mission in Benin 2016 – 2017
In places without access to proper medical care, orthopaedic conditions in children are unfortunately commonplace. Birth defects go uncorrected. Bone breaks are rarely correctly set and mended. Life changing surgeries and physiotherapy relieve suffering caused from deformities and neglected trauma. Because of this programme, children all over Africa are able to run and play, and
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Orthopedic Program
Senegal A small description To give the desire to the user To know more,
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A fathers love and worry
Since 1978, Mercy Ships has offered free surgical care to countries that rank in the lower third of the United Nations Human Development Index. Our hospital ships provide a state-of-the-art platform for providing a comprehensive package of hope and healing that is comprised of three parts: direct medical services (surgeries and medical treatments), training (educational
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The Mercy Ships Response to Global Surgical Need

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