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Shipping and trading industry support of Mercy Ships’ Cargo Day has reached $651,400 — double the figure of a year earlier. The fundraising venture was backed by 83 companies — 24 charterers, 20 shipowners, 23 shipbrokers, seven port agents, and nine service outfits and associations. “Who thought we could have achieved this,” said Tim Webb,
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Cargo Day nets more than $650,000 for Mercy Ships
Nat Geo has produced an amazing documentary series on Mercy Ships called “The Surgery Ship”. More than 70% of the world’s population cannot access essential surgery. For many, the hospital ship Africa Mercy is their last hope. On board, a crew of world -class medical volunteers from across the globe face the biggest challenges of
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National Geographic
Trafigura, Socar Trading and Litasco topped the list of charterers that gave cargoes from which broker commissions have pushed Mercy Ships Cargo Day fundraising towards $500,000. Early this week, more than $462,300 had been raised for hospital ship operator Mercy Ships. Participants in this year’s event, in which TradeWinds acted as a partner, are too
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Mercy Ships Cargo Day has $500k in its sights
Mercy Ships has already raised over $394,000 from its second annual Cargo Day — easily beating last year’s $320,000. It is expected the eventual figure could exceed $450,000, providing vitally needed funds for life-changing surgery in Africa. Some 21 charterers, 16 shipowners, 24 brokers and 10 port agents, as well as seven service companies and
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Industry rallies behind Cargo Day
Mercy Ships Cargo Day is being held for the second year and Concordia Maritime is one of the companies supporting the activities on board Mercy Ships’ hospital ship. The participants can either donate part of their commission this day or choose a sum of money they want to donate, which they can also do after
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Concordia Maritime supports Mercy Ships Cargo Day
The commodity trading and shipping industries are throwing their weight behind Mercy Ships Cargo Day with leading figures telling TradeWinds why they are supporting the 4 October fundraising event. Around 40 companies have so far signed up to participate, including Clarksons, Barry Rogliano Salles (BRS), Riverlake, Fearnleys and Affinity on the broking side. Charterers include
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Big names urge owners to support Mercy Ships event
Hospital ship the Africa Mercy has arrived in Cameroon for its first tour of duty in the West African country after undergoing maintenance dry-docking in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. Described by Mercy Ships’ UK head of fundraising, Sarah Balser, as the “most exciting ship in the world”, it has been all hands on deck preparing the floating
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All hands on deck to ready hospital ship for Cameroon
Time has come for the shipping and trading community to rally behind Mercy Ships’ second annual Cargo Day. After raising more than $300,000 from the first Cargo Day last year, companies are being urged to visit mercyshipscargoday.org and press the button to donate. It is hoped to double last year’s total and really establish the
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Changing lives in Africa at the touch of a button
Link to the french version Benin (2016-2017): an increasing number of participants in our Medical Capacity Building training program. Mercy Ships has already visited Benin 5 times. Benin ranks 166 out of 187 countries according to the United Nations Humanitarian Development index.   Zoom on Benin Life expectancy is 61 years. High fertility rate with
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Results of our mission in Benin 2016 – 2017
The generosity of Scottish businesswoman Ann Gloag sent the total raised during an Africa Ball evening in London for Mercy Ships spiralling to a staggering £250,000. Gloag, who funded the purchase of Mercy Ship’s 16,572-gt hospital vessel Africa Mercy (built 1980), spoke passionately about the organi­sation on whose UK and ­international boards she serves. The
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Guests dig deep for Mercy Ships
“It was the stunning World Cup victory in 2010 which brought me to name my son after football coach José Mourinho,” says Maurinho’s dad. It makes sense, then, when his mom describes her son’s competitive nature. “When Maurinho says that he wants to achieve something, he will not back down until he gets it done.
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Maurinho in First

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